What is your why?

by Kelsey Johnson

Recruitment is one of the most important roles in an organization. At the same time, recruiting college students to join an organization is never easy.

UNO PRSSA is an incredible, award-winning group of students, however, boasting awards isn’t necessarily going to get people excited.

Moving into the recruitment director position this spring, I knew that I wanted to revamp the recruitment methods we had been using, connect with as many recruits as I could, making recruitment efforts a more personal experience.

For every class I speak to, I focus on telling the students what exactly my “why” means to me. I begin with the regular spiel: awards, other successes and how great the resources are on a local and national level. Then, I take the conversation a step further.

UNO PRSSA helped me meet my best friends in college and has awarded me experiences I would never have access to otherwise. The most important idea I try convey to students is that UNO PRSSA has truly changed my life. I have mentors who believe in the skills I have gained, I have a group of people behind me cheering for every single thing I do, and most importantly, I now know the direction I want to go after I graduate in May. UNO PRSSA did all of these things for me and I have never been more grateful for anything in my life.

My message resonates with students of all ages in any stage of their undergraduate experience. From the rise of our recruitment numbers this spring, I know this is true.

As of March 1, we have 7 new recruits, mostly classified as freshman or sophomore.

My biggest hope is that the next recruitment director will continue to share the “why” and recruit new members who gain similar experiences, each of their own.

Recruitment runs until March 14, so only time will tell how many more people will decide to take the jump and join UNO PRSSA.